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Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly aware that the majority of traditional and chemical based disinfectants most often used today have significant downsides. They are expensive, toxic, energy intensive and leave harmful by products in the environment even though they are not completely effective.
Swiss Newater Group can now offer a new Technology which will replace conventional chemicals in a wide variety of disinfection and cleaning applications. 
Our new product HYDROCLEAN consists of natural substances and is completely safe for all macro organism. At the same time it is absolutely effective against all bacteria (including EHEC) viruses, fungi, spores etc. 
It does not contaminate surfaces nor equipment and not the environment.

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The Business of Swiss NeWater

  • Swiss NeWater Group S.A. is a leading provider of the latest technology to produce electrolyzed water. This process is not only powerful, but also it is a clean technology.
  • The Company’s aim is to develop, produce and market one of the world’s most environmentally friendly disinfecting and cleaning solutions.
  • It is based on electrolyzed water, which is highly effective in eliminating all forms of micro-organisms (germs, bacteria, viruses, algae and spoors).
  • At the same time, our electrolyzed water is PH neutral, non-toxic and non-hazardous which means it is harmless to human beings.
  • Electrolyzed water, not a new invention. But diamond electrodes and combination of different technologies open new perspectives.
  • Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications like, for example B2B Cleaning, (hospitals, hotels and restaurants, commercial centers, offices). Medical premium solutions, Domestic hygiene and water treatment, food safety/processing, Cleaning in Place (CIP), agriculture, chemical free home, family B to C, humanitarian purposes.
  • The experienced management team of Swiss NeWater is now working on the commercialization.

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